“Knowing Jesus and Making Him Known”

BSM – Youth

 Bethlehem Student Ministry exists for students in grade 7 to college age to WIN students to Christ, BUILD students in Christ, and SEND students for Christ, all to the glory of God, by:

 Magnifying God (Worship)

 Meeting with other believers (Fellowship)

 Maturing in relationship with God (Discipleship)

 Ministering God’s love to others (Serve)

 Multiplying by sharing Christ (Evangelize)

We accomplish these goals through:

Wednesday Night Worship @ 5:45 is our big night of worship including free dinner, games, hanging out, worship music by our BSM praise band, prayer, and the preaching and discussion of God’s Word!

Sunday School @ 9:45 am where we visit in a relaxed, small group setting to visit and eat snacks and pray for and encourage each other and discuss God’s Word and how it applies to our daily lives!

Sunday Worship @ 11 am where we meet with the entire church body and our families to worship through song & the preaching of God’s Word!

Sunday Nights @ 5 pm where we serve and witness to others, hang out at each other’s homes, do fun stuff together like paint ball, watch movies, go out to eat, and more!

Small Monthly Events where we go to concerts, go on day trips, and go to other awesome events together to grow closer to God and to each other!

Big Yearly Eventswhere we go snow skiing, D-Now Weekend,
Harvest Youth Conference, and go to Wired or another summer camp get away from everything for a few days to truly become one family in Christ through fun, worship, and service!



 BSM is founded on & guided by prayer & God alone as revealed to us thru His Holy & Perfect Word, the Bible.

 Magnifying God above all things and in all things and at all times (Worship)

 Meeting with other believers inside and outside of the church walls (Fellowship)

 Welcoming and inviting leaders, students, and their families into a safe, spiritually challenging, Christian community full of unconditional love by leaders and students that builds and strengthens deep, Christ-centered, genuine relationships.

 Maturing in relationship with God through daily time with Him in prayer and Scripture (Discipleship)

 Anchoring leaders, students, & their families in the joys and traditions of the Christian faith in our ministry, but also in the church, so students stay in church & faith after leaving our ministry.

 Encouraging, equipping, and discipling leaders, students, and their families to live spiritually rich, Christ-centered, and Christ-glorifying lives, making their lives not about themselves, but about making much of Jesus.

 Ministering God’s love to others by living for God and others rather than ourselves (Serve)

 Multiplying and reaching the lost by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ (Evangelize)

 Energizing and preparing leaders, students, and their families to impact their world for Christ by sharing the love and Gospel of Christ to Headland and Alabama and the world!

For More Information Contact Our Student Pastor: Nolan Helder at (334) 648-0651

BSM: Win, Build, Send!!!